Today's busy schedules do not always allow people to spend much time cleaning their homes. Your time is valuable – we understand that, and our team of professionals is here to keep your home or business spotless so you don’t have to.

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About Us

We are a professional cleaning service helping our customers keep their homes and
businesses clean. Whether it be an apartment,
home or a commercial place we
are here to keep it spotless.

Our Vision

Punctual, Professional Service
Attention To Detail
Dedicated To Client Satisfaction

TRUST-We are licensed, bonded and insured.

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(416) 897-6782

Our Services

Ready for a Best Home Cleaning Service?

Great! You are just moments away from making your life a whole lot easier!

It’s a hectic life. Perhaps yours is a two-income home. Maybe you have a large family with lots of responsibilities. Plenty of things to do and never enough time to get them all done?

At the end of the day, you’ve done a little bit of everything. Well, maybe almost everything…
House cleaning is one of those chores that always seems to end up on the back-burner. That’s why we’re here at Maid for You Toronto LTD! You’ve got more important things to do.

  • Window cleaning
  • Inside of ovens & refrigerators
  • Dusting & Vacuuming
  • Cleaning Blinds and Shutters and more …

What Our Clients Say

I’ve used this cleaning service a few times and each time has been better than the last. You cannot beat the price/flexibility. Being able to book a cleaning on moments notice is brilliant when you are entertainers. Maid for You Toronto LTD. is my favorite!

Jessy L.

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